Professional Crane Hire Dunedin

Hiabs or truck-mounted cranes are at the heart of the haulage industry. Loading, unloading and transporting goods safely, quickly and cost-efficiently represent attributes that can differentiate your business from competitors.  

Shipping Container Hire and Sales

Available in various sizes, shipping containers give your business the flexibility and versatility to stay ahead of the game in any industry. Containers enable you to transport and store goods for as long as you want and at lower costs than traditional commercial storage options. Using an offsite storage container helps you save space in your permanent storage location and organise your items in a more easy-to-use system. A storage container can serve as a remote office whenever you have a project in the field and can store virtually anything.

MPI Transitional Facility

Our transitional facility, approved by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is the best location to manage your imported items before being allowed to enter the country. 

Our specialised team is certified to inspect, de-van and store your items, keeping a transparent communication with your business through this process.